Whoops Fenland

EastbourneLeft 6:37

Hemingford LCArrived 9:37

Hemingford LC (0h 41m)

Mmmm, Breakfast

Hemingford LCLeft 10:18

Muchwood & Marys WoodArrived 10:57

Muchwood & Marys Wood (1h 0m)

Muchwood & Marys Wood is a new Woodland Trust 5 acre wood planted to commemorate the millennium.

Muchwood & Marys WoodLeft 11:57

Gault WoodArrived 12:19

Gault Wood (0h 57m)

Gault wood is a Woodland Trust, 16 acre wood, planted in 1994.

Gault WoodLeft 13:16

MarchArrived 13:27

March (1h 2m)

This was a planned trip, but with a small last minute diversion. I was involved in a work related incident with Fenland Council a couple of weeks previously. It would have not been a tactful move to pop into their offices to say hello at the time, but as I had never met anyone there, I could not resist parking outside their offices while I visited the town.

MarchLeft 14:29

Harlow Little ChefArrived 16:07

Harlow Little Chef (1h 2m)

Harlow Little ChefLeft 17:09

EastbourneArrived 19:23


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