Wikimedia and wood 2

Ludlow HotelLeft 09:29

Moreton Corbet CastleArrived 10:29

Moreton Corbet Castle (0h 42m)

Moreton Corbet CastleLeft 11:11

Cantlop BridgeArrived 11:32

Cantlop Bridge (0h 14m)

Cantlop BridgeLeft 11:46

Acton Burnell CastleArrived 11:55

Acton Burnell Castle (0h 51m)

Acton Burnell CastleLeft 12:46

Langley ChapelArrived 12:52

Langley Chapel (0h 18m)

Langley ChapelLeft 13:10

Clun CastleArrived 13:57

Clun Castle (1h 6m)

Clun CastleLeft 15:03

Whitecliffe CommonArrived 15:49

Whitecliffe Common (0h 11m)

Whitecliffe CommonLeft 16:00

Ludlow HotelArrived 16:04

Ludlow Hotel

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