Skegness and back day 1

Todays plan was to get to Skegness by 8pm.

EastbourneLeft 8:56

Hickstead Little ChefArrived 9:33

Hickstead Little Chef (0h 39m)

The first stop was the Little Chef at Hickstead. No adventures here.

Hickstead Little ChefLeft 10:12

BerkhamsteadArrived 11:44

Berkhamstead (1h 16m)

Onto Berkhamsted castle, which made the plan because I saw it on a documentary a few days before. This was where the Anglo-Saxons were finally defeated by the Normans. I seem to attract people wanting me to take their photograph.

BerkhamsteadLeft 13:00

Sleaford TravelodgeArrived 15:14

Sleaford Travelodge (1h 38m)

I had booked a £15 a night special offer Travelodge in Sleaford. On arrival, I discovered that I was within range of a WiFi hotpoint. I eagerly paid my subscription, only to discover I was on the verge of the reception boundary. Once I paid, it never worked again.

Sleaford TravelodgeLeft 16:52

SkegnessArrived 17:57

Skegness (4h 35m)

It was a long slow bendy drive to Skegness, but I arrived with plenty of time to spare. I had to use my unique skill of detecting KFC’s which was hidden on the outskirts of town. The KFC was good, but Eastbourne Langney Road is still the best.

I spent some time wandering the seafront. Skegness have not quite got the hang of piers, their one does not reach the sea. Eventually it was time to go to the Embassy theatre. Yes, it was Voulez Vous!

SkegnessLeft 22:32

Sleaford TravelodgeArrived 23:29

Sleaford Travelodge

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