Skegness and back day 2

Sleaford Little ChefLeft 10:12

Tattershall Carrs WoodArrived 10:38

Tattershall Carrs Wood (3h 46m)

The first item on todays agenda was Tattershalls Carrs, a Woodland Trust wood. The parking area is within the grounds of Thorpe Camp, a World war II camp, now a museum. Normally it only opens Sunday, but today they had a couple of coaches on a prearranged visit.When I first arrived, I was asked if I was a dog walker. I do not know where they thought my dog was. They informed me I could not park in the dog walker section as I would be blocking the coaches, but if I park in the car park I could get locked in. So they agreed to let me into the museum until the coaches left.After an hour, the coaches left. As I stood with the rest of the staff waving them goodbye I commented to one of them “No one seems to be wondering who this strange man that has been left behind”. He replied that they thought I was from 202 squadron!

Anyway, I eventually got into the woods. I took a few photographs of a dead mole, covered with various insects. I have spared you those but they are available on request.

Tattershall Carrs WoodLeft 14:24

TattershallArrived 14:26

Tattershall (1h 37m)

Tattershall Castle was my next stop, a National trust property. Nothing exciting, or unusual happened here.

A quick walk along the road, took me to the English Heritage site Tattershall College, which felt like I was walking into someones back garden.

TattershallLeft 16:03

Sleaford Little ChefArrived 16:30

Sleaford Little Chef

Finally, back to Sleaford. Instead of turning left, Bev took me into Tattershall village, around some minor roads, and eventually back the way I came?

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