Skegness and back day 3

Sleaford TravelodgeLeft 10:28

Londonthorpe WoodsArrived 10:53

Londonthorpe Woods (1h 21m)

First stop today was Londonthorpe wood, with its one tree. There was a couple taking their dogs for a walk who I noticed avoiding getting too close to me. I found out later that I had been wandering around the new plantings, and the surrounding woodland also belongs to the Woodland Trust.

Londonthorpe WoodsLeft 12:14

RutlandArrived 12:52

Rutland (3h 10m)

I couldn’t think of anywhere else to go after that so I went to Rutland water for a change.

RutlandLeft 16:02

Barton MillsArrived 17:23

Barton Mills (1h 3m)

This trip was based on a £15 Travelodge room special offer. Before I left I mentioned to someone I was staying at Long Sutton Travelodge. When I looked at my notes, it said Barton Mills. I was confused. I had the postcode for Barton Mills, so thats where Bev took me.When I arrived at Barton Mills Little Chef, there was no Travelodge in sight. I booted up my laptop to investigate.I couldn’t find the confirmation EMail in my inbox, I tried to log onto my account at Travelodge but that wasn’t working. I tried to find a telephone number for Travelodge, but I couldn’t find one. I was convinced that I was at the wrong place, and that I should have gone to Long Sutton and that was over an hours drive back where I came from. So after my Little Chef meal, I terminated this trip.

Barton MillsLeft 18:26

EastbourneArrived 21:09


Later research showed that I was booked in at the Barton Mills Travelodge which was next to the other Barton Mills Little Chef nearby.

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