Tarring Neville

A trip to take some photos to add to Wikipedia.

EastbourneLeft 8:28

Newhaven TescoArrived 8:56

Newhaven Tesco (0h 16m)

I planned to have breakfast at the cafe at tescos, but they were shut!

Newhaven TescoLeft 9:12

Tarring NevilleArrived 9:16

Tarring Neville (0h 4m)

Tarring Neville is a tiny village and parish in Sussex. I am still amazed how much waffle I was able to add to its Wikipedia article, particularly as I exhausted all photographic opportunities within four minutes.

Tarring NevilleLeft 9:20

Uckfield LCArrived 9:44

Uckfield LC (0h 45m)

I was hungry so I stopped for breakfast.

Uckfield LCLeft 10:29

East HoathlyArrived 10:42

East Hoathly (0h 17m)

Another stop at a village to grab some images for Wikipedia.

East HoathlyLeft 10:59

EastbourneArrived 11:20


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