Train fares

My train journey this morning cost £25.70, I had no choice but to get a peak fare.  My journey home cost £3.75, bargain. I actually purchased my tickets in December, and because I booked a specific train, I got a huge discount.

The only problem was that I had played safe with the train times. I arrived at Victoria at 6pm, I had a ticket for the 19:15. With hindsight, at £3.75 it would have been worthwhile getting a ticket for the 18:15 and 19:15, for I spent more than that buying expensive food at the station.

The other bargain of the day was my Oyster card. I thought the fares were the same as buying a ticket, but when I checked my account I discovered I was paying £1.90 per journey, not £4.00 that I would have paid if I bought a ticket.

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