Account reactivation

In the last hour I have had 10 messages from Lloyds bank.

Lloyds TSB – Account reactivation form,
Because of possible unauthorized access, we have temporarily
deactivated your account.
To remove the suspension, please confirm that your card was not
To do this, please download and complete the attached html form.
We are sorry for the inconvenience, but your security is our top

Its very nice of them to keep me informed, especially considering that I have never banked with Lloyds.

Yes, I do know its a scam, I have forwarded them to Lloyds Bank phishing department.  Its an advantage owning lots of domains and having thousands of Email addresses, I always can tell a scam as they arrive in bundles.

The danger is when a single Email arrives from a company you know,  especially if by coincidence you are expecting a message or have had  recent dealings.  This is how the scammers operate, sending thousands of Emails but they only need a few to take the bait.



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