A day with the Beatles

Another of my strange dreams. For some reason, the Beatles popped in to see me. Thinking about it now, only Paul and Ringo were there. I was going to show them something on my laptop but it was taking a long time to boot.

Next scene, I was in a military helicopter flying along a river, which I think was in Germany. The enemy were packed along the river bank firing at us. Very little damage was done to our helicopter as we flew along, going under the bridges.

That scene was probably due to the speeded up video of the London-Brighton train journey I was watching just before I fell asleep. Also, the computer game I am playing at the moment, Clash of Clans, where you can see the damage done by a progress bar above the avatar.

Anyway, we finally reached the end of the river and the enemy fire stopped. The vehicle had somehow changed into a tank and we were travelling through sub-urban Norway where we were deliberately cutting corners (literally) just to mess up people’s lawns with our tracks.

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