Fellow bus passengers

I previous wrote about Agnes, one of the regulars I see on my bus ride to work. Today, I will tell you about a few more of the regulars.

Monkey boy

I actually see him walking to school most mornings as I make my way to the bus stop. He looks a bit like Daniel Peacock and he walks with a strange gait. He walks with his shoulders hunched over, making his arms swing about (like a monkey).

Three stooges

This group of school kids meet up at the shopping centre, then hop on the bus to get to school. First on is always the prefect (He wear a prefect badge). Judging by looks only, he is the least likely to be a prefect, with his shaved sides haircut. He is followed by the gormless looking one with girly (patterned frame) spectacles. Finally comes the one with long hair – the 70’s look covering most of his face. They have recently been joined by a ginger kid, which causes an issue with my naming convention.

The model

She is usually on the bus when I get on, with her pushchair and other small child. I was forced to sit close to her once, and I noticed her eyebrows were painted on. They were not painted over her existing eyebrows though.


I call her Jean because she looks like a Jean I once new. I would say she is in her 60’s and she has a bit of trouble walking. She came to my attention because she gets off the same stop as me. Because she is a bit dodgy on her legs, she gets in my way. First in getting to the exit door. Then after she gets off the bus, she just stands in front of the door.

Tracy Emin

Not the real one, but a lookalike. She is just a typical disorganised mother, always having to run for the bus, whilst still eating her breakfast. On the bus, she continues dressing and brushing her and her kids hair. On a few occasions, the poor kid has to look after herself, and nearly getting herself run over as she tries to hurry across the road to catch the bus. I feel like complaining to the school about their unnecessary need for pupils to always be dead on time (pun intended).

The crisp lady

Another mother, with a pushchair and 2 or 3 other kids. She carries packs of crisps to keep the kids quiet. This is at 8am – munching on crisps

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