Do you want fries with that?

MacDs was a bit busy, and as I was paying by card anyway, I decided to give the automated machine a go. All I wanted was my traditional two hamburgers and a large fries. You would have thought that was easy, but no.

First problem is that this ordering is done on a massive poster size screen, so the whole shop can watch and laugh. Next problem was that the screen was showing the thank you message from the previous person.  Nowhere to press to say that last person has gone.

After randomly banging the screen for a minute, it seemed to reboot.  I was ready to order. The screen had a few icons, “big flavour wraps” “saver meals” but none that I would categorise individual basic burgers under.

More random tapping later, I found they were classified under “sandwiches” !?  How to order two was not very apparent, but clicking the picture twice added two burgers to my choice.

Next the chips. Nowhere on the screen vaguely represented chips! Nothing even worth a random press. At this point I threw my hissy fit, hit cancel and walked away.

A few minutes later, still at the end of a largish queue, I noticed the screen still showing “are you sure you want to cancel”. So I decided to give it one last chance.

Still no chips on the screen, but I randomly click another item. I clicked back, and to my amazement I saw the “fries and sides” icon. I guess there was a scrolling thing going on and the last aborted option had moved the visible section.

Nothing much else happened after I paid. I waited for my number to come up, but felt guilty when the number before failed to collect. The lady kept glaring at me saying “seventeen”.

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