Crikey guvnor, I think I had the right of way

Excitement on the bus this evening. A white van appeared in the road and our driver screeched to a halt, swerving across the road. We came to rest at an angle, blocking the dual carriageway.

Our driver flew into an over the top rage, storming out of his cab. So mad, he had trouble opening the door.

He then unleashed a torrent of verbal abuse at the van driver, who had pulled up in a garage forecourt. The van driver remained in the van and some other bloke appeared, from where I do not know, who put the case for the white van man – claiming that the bus driver was going too fast.

Meanwhile, a huge crowd had gathered watching this confrontation, although all the bus passengers remained seated.

After a couple of minutes, the bus driver returned, followed by this other strange man who informed the passengers that this was the kind of bus driver we pay our taxes for.

Fortunately, I got off the next stop as the driver was now driving a bit erratically is his het up state.

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