Washing liquid sachet

You know those washing liquid sachets, the small plastic bags that you put into the heart of the wash. Well, I was holding one when I leant over, and it squeezed out of my hand, straight down my throat.

I wasn’t worried at first. I would just have some foam coming out of my bottom. Then I found another box of sachets, this time containing anti freeze.

The problem was that I now did not know what I had ingested. But wait, I had no ill effects, it will be okay. Or will what was inside me suddenly burst and take me by surprise.

I tried to find the original carton but my brother had tidied it away.

As I wrote this, I recognised a current commercial from a leading washing “powder” company, emphasing that their product now comes with a child proof lid. I say leading not because of fear of a breach of copyright, but I genuinely cannot remember who the company is.

It just happens to strike me as a strange thing to advertise as the ad is 100% about keeping away from children and does mention cleaning clothes.

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