Slow journey to work

I was a bit slow drinking my coffee this morning. I still have half a cup when I realised I only had five minutes before the bus arrived.

It was a standard journey on the bus until I overheard a group of girls getting panicky as they would be late for school. It was only then I realised we had barely moved in the last 15 minutes. We crawled along for another 15 minutes and eventually came across the blockage. A broken down car stuck at some traffic lights.

Looking at my traffic map, it was causing chaos for miles around. There was no one around, no driver, no police, nothing. All it needed was to be pushed to the kerb and allow traffic to pass again, but it was probably an automatic.

We reached the next bus stop, sat for a couple of minutes, then it dawn on me people were slowly getting off the bus. I had not heard anyone, everyone one up top was looking around, and one by one we succumbed to peer pressure and departed.

Once off the bus, the trail lead to another bus waiting. It had no number visible from the back, so I just assume it was a replacement for mine! Strangely, everyone was scanning their oyster again.

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