Avoiding BT

Some of my readers may know I have been going to work on Saturdays; some readers may know my telephone has not worked for two months; some readers may know my car has been playing up. All these factors came into force today.

On Friday, I had a message from BT saying they would be sending an Engineer on Saturday so I planned to stay indoors for the weekend. When I arrived home Friday night, I had a card from BT through my letterbox. They found a fault underground and do not need access to my house.

I had concluded that my car problems was caused by a flat battery, caused by not using the car for two months. As BT were no longer coming, and I was not going to work, I decided to go for a run to charge my battery.

EastbourneLeft 12:33

HellinglyArrived 12:43

Hellingly (0h 33m)

I spent ages looking for my GPS just so I can do the map, eventually finding it in my car, so I left a bit later than planned. First stop was for breakfast at Little Chef. I ordered my normal Cafetiere, and was informed that under the new Little Chef owners Cafetieres are no longer available. However she did have a few left in stock for “special” customers.  The breakfast menu has changed too. The famous Olympic is still there, but the other choices has been reduced to “Choose five items”.

I headed towards Lullingstone, for I planned to visit Eynsford Castle. When we arrived in Eynsford, Bev said “Right, we are here”, and left me on my own to find the place. I followed a sign, and found myself at Lullingstone castle instead, which I knew was still shut for the winter.  I turned around and headed towards Lullingstone Roman Villa, hoping to see a Eynsford castle sign.

HellinglyLeft 13:16

LullingstoneArrived 14:38

Lullingstone (0h 56m)

As I arrived at the villa, there was a sign to the castle, but it seemed to want me to cross this rickety wooden bridge, which is the sort of thing Bev does occasionally. I decided against it, and parked at the villa.

Whilst travelling, my mobile had rung, and I took this first opportunity to see who called. It was BT, who were knocking at my door, and calling me to tell me I was not at home. After getting out of the car, I realised that I was wrong about the castle route, in fact the route was via the villa car park. As I had parked I walked the rest of the way, only to discover that it was shut or I could not find the proper entrance. So I went to the Roman villa instead.

LullingstoneLeft 15:34

HailshamArrived 16:52

Hailsham (0h 22m)

Shopping for dinner.

HailshamLeft 17:14

EastbourneArrived 17:26


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