Wiki photos Peacehaven

EastbourneLeft 7:58

Newhaven RetailArrived 8:25

Newhaven Retail (0h 49m)

Breaakfast at Tesco’s

Newhaven RetailLeft 9:14

PeacehavenArrived 9:26

Peacehaven (1h 8m)

I wandered around Peacehaven for a while, looking for photo opportunities. Peacehaven is on the Prime Meridian, meaning that you can stand astride the line and be standing in the East and the West at the same time. The monument in the picture marks the point where the Meridian joins the sea.

I also wandered around the town with my SatNav, tracing the path of the meridian. Fascinating to see that some private houses are on the meridian and wondering if the owners actually know.

PeacehavenLeft 10:34

EastbourneArrived 11:19


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