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Later this week I will be setting off on a long car journey. The county of Dorset is a half way point so I plan to find somewhere to visit and have a few hours break from driving. So I typed into Google “Places to visit in Dorset” which returned 1.8 million hits.

Presented with a list of matches, I proceeded to click each one in turn. After reading the linked page I immediately returned to the list of Google finds. I had no idea of what site I had just looked at or what other features that site could offer me to find the information I wanted. As far as I was concerned I was treating the Internet like a single “Google” website.

Is there a world outside Google?
After this sudden flash of realisation, I had a closer look at Googles finds. Some of the hits were of a specific location in Dorset such as the Plumber Manor Hotel. A lot were general tourism sites such as Visitor World and the link takes me to the Dorset section. The third sort are specific Dorset sites such as Visit Dorset.

The third sort is obviously going to be my best option for finding somewhere in Dorset, they are websites solely devoted to that. Any of these websites I found are going to be more useful, but I was relying on Google finding a webpage that contained key words. As I did not not know where I wanted to visit, it would be unlikely I would use key words that selected an appropriate page.

An good analogy would be going to your doctor (Google) with your ailments who then refers you to the kidney specialist (Visit Dorset) at the local hospital. The moral of the story is use Google to find some cool sites, but then use the cool sites to find the information you need.

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