I asked a question, I was not indulging in conversation

My latest peeve is standing in a queue while the people in front indulge in conversation with the cashier. There is a queue behind you, some of us need to get on with our day. Just pay for your goods and leave. Just because you see the cashier every day, she does not recognise you from the hundreds she has to serve each day. She does not need to know all your personal stories.

Its fine if you make comments about the weather whilst transacting, but its when you stop at the counter after you have paid because you feel you must finish your story on how Brian planted three rows of beans this year.  The cashier is not listening anyway!

When you send a parcel overseas, when the Post Office Counter assistant asks you what is in the package, it is because she has to write it on the customs form. She is not starting a conversation. She did not want to know the clothes were for Bens fourth birthday and you haven’t seen him for a year, but they are hoping to visit later in the summer.


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